"There are a lot of sanitizing wipes out there. Why do I need Wireless Wipes?"

Screen Wipes
Here's why...none of the others care as much about your mobile device as we do!

When we developed Wireless Wipes™, we knew two things:

1. You use your mobile device all day and all night
2. They are filled with bacteria and we need to keep you healthy and your device clean!

So, no more dirty talk – use Wireless Wipes™! Make your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Laptop & iPod Germ Free Now!

Each resealable pouch contains 12 wipes.

Our unique Wireless Wipes™ are the only known sanitizer designed specifically to clean mobile phones, PDA's, and laptop computer screens. They are fast drying to prevent moisture damage, non-streaking, non-corrosive, and come in three scents: green tea cucumber, rosemary peppermint and pomegranate citrus.

"Everyday, everywhere, billions of people worldwide use their cell phones, PDA's, and computers unaware of their bacterial risk from airborne germs and shared devices", said Scott Silverman, President of Wireless Wipes™. "We spent two years developing Wireless Wipes with our chemical formulators to create a highly absorbent alcohol based sanitizer that eliminates or dramatically reduces your exposure to potentially harmful germs.


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